SCRAM Review Process

SCRAM Review Process

SCRAM has seven processes:

The seven key SCRAM Review Principles are:

SCRAM is NOT an assessment of technical feasibility.

SCRAM focuses on schedule feasibility and root causes for slippage. It makes no judgment about whether or not a project is technically feasible. If there are concerns about technical feasibility, it is advisable to precede a SCRAM Review with a technical feasibility assessment.

SCRAM is NOT an assessment of process maturity.

While SCRAM does look at processes as they relate to each of the issues areas impacting schedule, it is not an assessment of organisational / process maturity, though evidence of organisational / process maturity is certainly a factor considered in a SCRAM. Experience has shown that high maturity organisations are not immune from schedule slips so SCRAM focused on those causes of schedule slip rather than the maturity of the established processes.