What We Do

Independent Project Reviews

SCRAM Reviews

The Schedule Confidence Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM) is a proven methodology for identifying issues and risks to project and program schedules. SCRAM quantifies the schedule impact of issues and risks to provide senior management with confidence of meeting major milestones. For more information click here.

Assurance Reviews

Concerned about the readiness of your project to proceed, how your project is tracking or want an independent view on your project’s health? IPRI can offer independent assessments to pre-empt potential problems, identify the causes of poor project performance and identify remedial action to improve project performance. Based on tried and tested root cause analysis, the IPRI team is well placed to help you.

Quick Look Problem Identification Reviews

Are you concerned about specific issues that may affect future project performance? The experienced team at IPRI can conduct quick look reviews to focus on the areas of concern and recommend options to address potential problems.

Schedule Reviews

Want to understand the likelihood of your project delivering on schedule? Using objective measures of project performance to date, IPRI can conduct an independent schedule review based on proven techniques to determine the level of confidence in your schedule.

Project Team Structures

How well is your project team structured to deliver the promised outcomes? IPRI can advise on appropriate project structures to ensure that the team is optimally organised to provide objective insight into project progress and has the appropriate levels of accountabilities, responsibilities and authorities. 

Organisational Reviews to Deliver Successful Projects

Governance Reviews

Is there a lack of visibility into who is responsible for making decisions and accountable for the outcomes?  IPRI can assist with identifying your organisation’s strategic policies to assure compliance with processes and balance accountability, responsibility and authority 

Software Measurement Consultancy Services


The single most common reason software projects fail is that they are based on overly optimistic cost and schedule estimates from the beginning.  Using decades of experience, IPRI can conduct independent cost and schedule estimates using empirical evidence to ensure that the project estimates are in the ballpark.  


Concerned about projects being off track? IPRI conducts forecasts of cost and schedule to complete based on objective performance to date, using proven techniques to deliver consistently accurate forecasts.

Issue based measurements (Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM))

Not sure exactly how projects are performing? IPRI can assist you to gain objective insight into project performance and indicators of future problems using an internationally recognised measurement framework co-authored by one of IPRI’s Directors.  Our services include training and workshops tailored to your specific organisational and project needs. 

Organisational Benchmarking and Performance Improvement

Are your investments in tools, training and development processes having a positive impact and giving you the return on investment you hoped for?  How do you stack up against other organisations in your industry? Using a core set of objective software measures, IPRI staff can benchmark your organisational performance and changes over time. 

Systems and Software Engineering Consultancy and Training

Earned value for Software-intensive Systems

Are you challenged in gaining insight into the amount of work to be done and the value of work accomplished in your projects?  The world’s top producing organisations rely on earned value to provide objective measures of their progress and the time and cost to complete their projects. IPRI staff can assist you in implementing earned value on projects including software development using an approach that has been proven on complex projects. 

Systems Integration

Does your project involve complex systems integration? Development of complex systems often proceeds smoothly until system integration and then stall and make no progress.  While developers often think of integration as a phase within a project, when done properly, integration activities begin at the early stages of the project and continue through to delivery.  IPRI will work with your project to identify activities to be done through the project lifecycle to deliver successful project outcomes. 


Leadership of Technical Programs, Empower your teams 

Does your workforce lack motivation and initiative?  Leadership training turns good managers into great leaders that empower and motivate their teams. 

Earned Value Management (EVM) for Software 

This one-day course takes you through the detailed steps involved in setting up an effective earned value system for software.  At the conclusion of this course, you will know how to create an EVM system that 

An effective EVMS, can be used to guide management decision making, ensure an orderly maturation of the product, facilitate partitioning of the work effort (e.g., between prime contractors and subcontractors), and enable weekly performance reviews. 

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