Managing Schedule Risk

Managing Schedule Risk is a two-day course delivered via Zoom.  

It includes a number of interactive exercises based on real-world issues and risks.  

Day 1 focuses on using a thought model to identify root causes of schedule slippage.  Schedule slippage is a symptom of one or more issues that are driving the slips.  You can’t take appropriate action to get your projects back on track until you've addressed the cause (or causes) of the slippage.  Often steps that projects take to minimise schedule slippage end up making things worst rather than better.  

Day 2 focuses on scheduling best practice, schedule health checks, incorporating risks and estimation uncertainty into project schedules and conducting Schedule Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo simulation in order to quantify the confidence in terms of the probability that a project milestone will be met on a specific date.  We also take a few of the risks that we identified during Day 1 and look at how to incorporate them into the schedule.

This course is highly interactive with plenty of opportunities to ask questions in order to clarify and solidify understanding of the material.

Course registration cost is $1,650 inc GST.  

The course can be tailored to organisations.  

Course Dates

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